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High-quality video tripods from various brands

The brands Sirui, Manfrotto, Mantona, Sachtler and others are well-known manufacturers of video tripods. We also stock many other brands that are ideal for video production. We will explain the criteria for video tripods and the differences in use below.

Differences between photo tripods and video tripods

Video tripods are usually much more stable than tripods for photography. The legs of the tripods are mainly made of double segments, which gives the legs a higher load capacity and greater stability. Some video tripods are also built in such a way that they have a stabilizer between the three legs, which is located in the lower segment or at the bottom of the legs.

In the case of video tripods, the feet of the legs can also be individually adjusted to the ground in some cases, which ensures stability down to the last detail.

The tripod head for video recordings

If you want to make professional video recordings, there is no way around a fluid video head . This is because a ball head or a three-way panhead are too rigid for video recordings, where slow / fluid movements are essential. A ball head is tightened in one position and not moved afterwards; a ball head fulfills this purpose and use perfectly, but movements do not.

Fluid video heads offer the potential for smooth video recordings thanks to ball bearings and a resistance that allows the head to move fluidly. These tripod heads are therefore often able to carry heavy cameras such as those from the cinema lines and camcorders from various manufacturers. The built-in arm on the tripod head is used to guide the camera smoothly in tilt movements. The strength of the resistance in the tilt movement can even be adjusted on some models, enabling very precise adjustment.

Material used for video tripods

The materials used to make video tripods are made from different materials or material mixtures. As a rule, tripods are made of aluminum or carbon, as these tripods can withstand a high load due to the weight of the camera and the accessories that are attached to the tripod head / camera. Is light always better? Not necessarily, a heavy tripod absorbs movements / vibrations better than a lighter tripod.

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