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Smart home solutions from Hama

There are various ways to make your house or apartment a little smarter. As a tenant in particular, however, your hands are often tied, as you usually have to access the electronics in your home. This is where Hama comes in with its smart home system, which also allows non-smart home devices to be digitized and connected to the home network. Find out below what advantages the smart home system has and why it's perfect for you.

The beginner-friendly smart home system from Hama

Not every system is particularly beginner-friendly and requires advanced knowledge of electronics and IT. This is where Hama's ecosystem offers an easy introduction, with its own app the devices are integrated into the home network without an additional hub. (With most systems) The devices can be used with common voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Home and can also be installed on any smartphone.

Application tips & Installation of the Hama Smart Home devices

Smart Home devices from Hama
Hama voice assistant support

Plan your smart home perfectly

If you are planning to automate your own four walls, you should make sure that the requirements and purposes are clearly documented and that you are clear about what and how the whole thing should look for each room. This saves costs for unnecessary components and you have a roadmap for setting up the smart home system.

Typical questions you should ask yourself:

  • Which voice assistant do I want to use? Alexa, Siri, Google Home, etc.?
  • In which rooms do I want to control the devices by voice?
  • Who uses the system in the household?
  • What should be controlled smartly? Heating, lamps, blinds, etc.
  • What processes / dependencies does the process to be controlled have? Is a motion detector needed? Or something else?
  • Is the device compatible with my voice assistants & the other components?

Our tip: start by integrating individual devices into the smart home system and see how often you use the whole thing and then gradually upgrade to get a better feel for the technology and the automation of the devices.

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Ideas for smart home solutions

Are you going on vacation? Then you can build a routine that switches the lights on every day at dusk to simulate someone being at home and deter potential burglars. Are you on your way to work and not sure if all devices that don't need power are switched off? WLAN sockets or power strips make it easy to check and switch them off.

Window sensors / door sensors can be used very well as triggers to light up a room or switch off the heating thermostat to save energy. In combination with motion sensors, many automations can be implemented; if you leave your own four walls in the morning, a smart lamp could indicate that you need an umbrella.

Advantages of Smart Home

  1. Convenience: Smart home solutions make life easier and more convenient. With the ability to control devices by voice command or remote control, you can personalize and automate your home to make your life easier.
  2. Energy efficiency: Smart home solutions can help save energy by automatically regulating the heating or air conditioning, controlling the lighting and switching off appliances when they are not in use. This can reduce energy costs and protect the environment.
  3. Security: Smart home solutions can improve the sense of security by integrating alarms, cameras and motion sensors to detect and prevent break-ins and other dangers. It is also possible to monitor the home while on the move.
  4. Saving time: Smart home solutions can be used to automate everyday tasks, saving time and allowing more free time. For example, automatic cleaning robots or smart devices can help to organize the household more efficiently.
  5. Adaptability: Smart home solutions can be adapted to individual needs and wishes to create a personalized and comfortable home. This is particularly helpful for people with physical limitations or older people who need assistance.

Frequently asked questions about smart homes

Yes, you can retrofit smart home solutions for various purposes. This requires individual modules: If you want to equip a lamp with Smart Home and get colored light, the light source should be changed. However, if you only want to switch on the light, you can also retrofit a smart socket. Another idea would also be to switch on the LED light chain on the balcony, here the smart socket also helps.

Modular retrofitting can sometimes be implemented very cheaply, as these systems are only used when there is a need for them. You can achieve a satisfactory result for around ?100-200!

The boundaries of smart homes have been pushed further and further in recent years and, thanks to the many sensors and other components, the devices can now cover almost everything: security, convenience or saving money. Window contacts can inform you when you leave the property if a window has been forgotten to close or if someone has gained unauthorized access.

Everything is permitted in a smart home in a rented apartment as long as it does not infringe the landlord's property or the rights of third parties and can be repossessed upon moving out. While the installation of a Wi-Fi camera indoors is permitted, the placement of a camera in the hallway is prohibited. Devices that require walls to be pried open for installation, for example, are also prohibited. In this case, the landlord's permission is required.

Yes, it is permitted to change the thermostat in a rented apartment. For example, if you want to install a smart thermostat, you should keep the old thermostat. This way, you can reinstall it when you move out and take your smart home system with you.

Yes, the smart home products from Hama are compatible with Zigbee.