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Ball heads for tripods

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Novoflex ClassicBall 2

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The best tripods and tripod heads for wildlife photography

Anyone who is active in wildlife photography knows that it quickly becomes difficult with a camera and a long telephoto lens without having the right tripod to hand. Whether monopod or tripod, video head or gimbal head.

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Hama 5011

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Cullmann Ball head

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A ball head is essential for any photographer who likes to work with a tripod. Ball heads come in different sizes for different purposes. They are the sturdy companion for the camera bag, usually made of steel, aircraft aluminum or aluminum

What can a ball head be used for?

  • A ball head can be used quite classically for the camera on the tripod
  • It can also be used so that a monitor can be connected for video recording.
  • In combination with a hot-shoe adapter (if no tripod thread screw is available), clip-on flashes can also be used and finely aligned. Alternatively, LED sticks or similar can be used.
  • Shake-free landscape shots
  • Lens mount for taking the load off the camera

What are the differences between the ball heads?

  • Size & Weight
  • Load capacity
  • Arca Swiss quick release plate mount
  • Diameter of the ball
  • Panorama base
  • Spirit level

Which brands are recommended?

Below we name a few brands from our range, which are particularly convincing due to their variety of products:

  • Manfrotto
  • Novoflex
  • SmallRig (focus on video equipment)
  • Gitzo
  • Rollei
  • Sirui
  • Caruba